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test 21 England

21. 12. 2010
Test 21 England     zpět na stránku Have Fun and Learn - Write Your Quiz
1. What is the capital of England?
 a) Helsinki                     b) London
2. What is the most famous place in England?
 a) Stonehenge             b) Eiffel Tower
3. What is the official language in England?
 a) German                   b) English
4. What is the national flower of England?
 a) rose (red, white)       b) tulip
5. How many people live in England?
 a) 90 million                b) 56 million
6. What is the area of Great Britain?
 a) 216,300 km2                      b) 82,500 km2                           
7. What is the area of UK?
 a) 244,805 square kilometres            b) 150,320 square kilometres
8. What is the currency in England?
 a) Pound                      b) Ruble
9. What is the name for the English national anthem?
 a) The star spangled banner             b) God save the Queen  
10. What is the name of the Queen of England?
  a) Elizabeth II              b) Diana