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test 22 London

22. 12. 2010

 Test 22 London     zpět na stránku Have Fun and Learn - Write Your Quiz

1) What is London?
a) continent                   b) town                c) street
2) Where is London?
a) Wales                       b) Scotland         c) England
3) What is in the middle of Trafalgar Square?
a) Big Ben 
b) Nelson’s Column  
c) Houses of Parliament
4) Who lives in Buckingham Palace?
a) Prime Minister          b) Queen            c) Brad Pitt
5) Where does the Prime Minister live?
a) 1, Oxford Street       
b) Millennium Dome    
c) 10, Downing Street
6) Where are the Crown Jewels?
a) Tower of London     
b) Stanley park            
c) Westminster Bridge
7) One of the largest cathedrals in the world is situated in London:
a) St. Paul’s Cathedral 
b) Millennium Dome    
c) Church of England
8) What animals can you see in Trafalgar Square?
a) Fish                            b) Horses             c) Pigeons
9) How many people live in London (with its suburbs)?
a) 7 000 000                  b) 10 000 000      c) 20 000 000
10) Which bridge can open in the middle?
a) Charles Bridge        
b) Tower Bridge         
c) Rainbow Bridge