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Christmas Maths for grade 5 from Alberta Kučery school

Christmas Maths Tasks- 5.A Alberta Kučery, Ostrava, CZ

1. A farmer was counting money for lettuce:
On Monday he got 1260 crowns, on Tuesday he got twice more than on Monday, on Wednesday 128 crowns less than on Thursday, on Thursday he got 8 times more than on Tuesday and on Friday he got 256 crowns less than on Wednesday.
a) How much did he get during the week? 5 points
b) How much kilograms did he sell if one kilogram cost 63 crowns? 1 point

2. A fisherman sold 250 carps which weigh 1 kg. He also sold 173 carps which weigh 2.3 kg and 316 carps which weigh 3 kg.
a) How many kilograms of carps did he sell? 3 points
b) How much did he get if one kilo is 73 crowns? Will he get more than 100 000 crowns? 1 point

3. At Christmas, I got 12 presents, they weighed 6 kg. My brother got 4 presents less than me but they were three times heavier than mines. My father and my got together as many presents as my brother and I and their presents weighed 4 kg more than mines.
a) How many present did the whole family get? 3 points
b) How many kilograms did the presents weigh? 3 points

4. You can hang 35 Christmas bulbs on one Christmas tree. How many bulbs can you hang on 7 similar Christmas trees?
1 point

5. Four mothers were baking Christmas sweets. The first mum baked 2 000 cookies, the second baked 150 cookies less than the first one, the third mum baked twice more cookies than the second one and the fourth mum baked 200 cookies more than the third one. How many cookies baked all mums together? 4 points

6. On Monday, the shop assistant sold 29 Christmas trees, on Tuesday he sold 12 more than on Monday, on Wednesday he sold as many trees as during Monday and Tuesday together; on Thursday he sold the same number as on Wednesday and Monday together. How many trees did the shop assistant sell during those four days? 4 points

7. In a bakery, they put the same number of Christmas cookies into 100 boxes and delivered the boxes into five shops, the same number to each.
a) How many kilograms of cookies were in each box? 1 point
b) How many kilograms of cookies were delivered into each shop? 1 point

8. On Monday, they brought 800 Christmas trees to Tesco and 25 trees were sold. On Wednesday, 132 more trees than on Monday were brought and 145 trees were sold. On Friday, eight times more trees than on Monday were brought.
a) How many Christmas tree were ready to be sold on Friday? 4 points
b)How much did they get for the trees sold on Monday and Wednesday if one tree cost 50 crowns? 1 point

9. Twenty-five Christmas trees were sold on Monday. Six times more trees were sold on Tuesday than on Monday. On Wednesday, twice more trees were sold than on Monday. How many trees were sold together? 3 points

10. Peter bought 16 mugs. Jane bought 20 more than Peter.
a) How many mugs did Jane buy? 1 point
b) How many mugs did they buy together? 1 point

11.The first day, there were 1 156 carps sold at the market. The second day, there were twice more carps sold than the first day. How many carps were sold together? 2 points

12. There were 585 Christmas trees on a lorry and 158 were sold. The other day another 635 Christmas trees arrived and 352 trees were sold. The last day 1 582 Christmas trees arrived.
a) How many trees arrived together? 1 point
b) How many Christmas trees did they sell? 1 point

13. Mum bought 350 grams of Christmas cookies. Next day she bought 10 times more cookies and then she bought 200 grams less cookies than the first day. How many grams of cookies did she have together? 4 points

14. Mum found 4 presents, dad 3 presents, their daughter twice more than mum, and their son got twice more presents than his father. How many presents were under the Christmas tree together? 2 points

15. Mum bought two carps. One weighed 2.5 kg and the other weighed 1.5 kg. One kilogram costs 80 crowns. How did she pay for both carps? 2 points

16. Mum was baking Christmas cookies. She baked 4 baking trays, 25 cookies on each tray. Then she baked 3 baking trays with vanilla rolls and now she has 4 times more pieces of cookies. How many pieces of vanilla rolls did she bake on one tray? 3 points

17. As a Christmas present, Jane wanted to get a sweater which costs 840 crowns. Peter wanted shoes which cost 730 crowns. And mum bought 3 T-shirts to each of them, a T-shirt cost 210 crowns. Mum also did not forget to buy presents for Daddy; she bought him 2 perfumes which cost 150 crowns.
a) Were 3 500 crowns enough to buy all the presents? 1point
b) How much did she pay for the presents? 3 points

18. Mum bought 2 kg of Christmas cookies but 2 dkg were not good. How many grams were good? 2 points

19. Father was buying Christmas presents. He bought 5 dolls, each cost 1 120 crowns. He also bought 20 cars, each car cost 125 crowns. How much did he pay? 3 points

20. Mum was baking Christmas cookies. She baked 40 ginger bread men. Then she made 8 times more vanilla rolls then ginger bread men. Then she baked 45 pieces of pastry. Finally she made 10 times more rum balls then vanilla rolls. How many pieces did she make together? 3 points

21. Lenka went shopping and she bought 2 packets of Christmas bulbs, each packet cost 59 crowns. Then she bought eight candles, each candle cost 30 crowns. Next she bought 6 packets of Christmas cookies, each packet cost 245 crowns. Finally, she bought 6 presents, each present cost 150 crowns.
a) How much did Lenka pay for all the things together?
4 points
b) Round the result to hundreds. 1 point
c) Did Lenka have enough money if she had 2 000 crowns?
1 point

22. In a bakery, they made 6 137 pieces of pastry. Then they stuck pairs together with a jam.
a) How many pairs did they make? 1 point
b) Was any piece left unstuck? 1 point

23. In a factory, they made 13 465 Christmas bulbs. But the lorry had an accident and 7 543 were broken. How many Christmas bulbs were not damaged? 2 points

24. A lorry was loaded with 33 boxes of cookies, each box weighed 14 kg. The cookies were delivered into six supermarkets and each supermarket got the same amount of cookies. How many kilograms of cookies did they deliver to each supermarket? 2 points