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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet and Facebook

14. 4. 2013

Survey written by Terka Beranská from Velký Krtíš, Slovakia, 17 years old

  1. Why do you think the Internet is useful? Can you imagine your life without it?
Teenagers and young adults can't imagine their lives without the Internet.
The Internet is really useful, because it offers the fastest way how we can obtain new information.
Older people can imagine their lives without the Internet, because they brought up in times where there were no computers. Despite these facts they steel consider the Internet as an inseparable part of our society.
  1. Make a list of good or useful aspects of the Internet.
The Internet has many useful aspects for our lives.
-          searching and gaining new information
-          staying in contact with friends and relatives whenever we need
-          buying clothes, tickets, food, and other necessary equipment
-          paying bills through the Internet banking
-          reading newspapers or magazines
-          downloading different files such as music, films, pictures, and photos
-          watching films, serials online
-          playing online games
  1. Do you use the Internet when doing your homework or studying? Give examples.
Teenagers and young adults use the Internet for studying and doing their homework regularly. They search different information for projects school work or test which help them to gain the best knowledge.
On the contrary, older people don't use the Internet for doing homework at all, because they have already finished their studies. However, they can use it for studying, when their work requires it.
  1. Have you ever been bullied/ abused on the Internet?
Both Teenagers, young adults and older people are mainly abused by hackers, who create various accounts and write messages to the strange people with sexual context, vulgarism and they often insult people. They do it without any reason.
  1. Have you ever received uninvited mails via the Internet? What was the topic of these mails?
Teenagers, young adults and older people are receiving uninvited mails all the time. The topic usually remains same various advertisements, web pages or opening ceremonies.
  1. Has your computer ever been infected by a virus? What damage did it cause to your files?
Yes, their computers have been infected by virus. It caused several damages for example:
It deleted files (song, photos, and documents), the computers were slower, and finally when computers haven't been occurred the virus shout the whole systems down and computers didn't work, so they were sent to IT company where professionals deleted the virus and repaired it.
  1. Is it worth sharing your private life with users of community portals such as Facebook?
Teenagers and young adults have no problem with sharing their photos, status or interests with their friends in different society networks.
Older people don't use society networks as much as teenagers, they behaved carefully, don't share many files, they pay attention to their private life more.
  1. How can you make a password very safe? Can you create a password that is 100% safe?
People can't create password which is for a 100% safe. They can just make their password safer by using both small and big letters in combination with numbers.
  1. Make a list of websites that you regularly visit. The order should represent how often you visit these pages, so the most often visited will be number 1.
  1. How reliable is the Internet? Is is more credible than any other forms of media, either printed or televised?
The Internet is variable form of media although it offers both true and false information. Nevertheless print and television belong to the most credible media.