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Dissemination of the Ostrava meeting in January 2015

1. Meeting in Ostrava ( 24th of January - 1st of February)

We visited the City Hall of Ostrava. We could inform the people of Ostrava. An article on the news-website of Ostrava distribute the news of our project.   Link 



dissemination in Czech magazines: 

city magazine "Ostravská radnice" from February 2015 (translation is below the article) and national magazine "Učitelské noviny" for teachers number 9 from March 2015 (its translation is in the document below).

1-scan-article---article-about-reception-at-ostrava-townhall--unor-2015-ostravska-radnice.jpg 2-article-from-magazine-ucitelske-noviny-march-nr-9-in-2015-for-web.jpg


2. Dissemination at Liceo Majorana ( 12th of February)

Students introduced their experience in Ostrava. Presentation