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Hands can talk and eyes can listen

20. 3. 2014
Pupils from Ostrava prepared lesson for our diversity textbook. They talked about various handicaps and how they influence life of the handicapped people and those who they live or work with. Pupils from class 9.B draw pictures if different handicaps for the lesson. The role-play activity helped pupils to understand how frustrating it can be when people do not understand each other due to problems in communication caused by handicap. One pupil represented a person who cannot talk and the other represented a person who wants to help. The task was to guess what the mute person wants and do it for him/ her, for example bring something to eat or open the window. All pupils tried different roles and then we talked about similar communicative situations in their life. For example a noisy disco or their problems with being understood when they stayed in families during our project meeting in Šibenik. Finally we completed the lesson. 
Our Bulgarian partner tried this lesson and came with new ideas for the activities. We are glad that they enjoy this project work. From the assessment we could see that they had similar feelings as Ostrava pupils even though they focused on different physical handicaps (e.g. blind or deaf) than Czech pupils (communcation problems caused by various reasons).
Bulgarian pupils in action:
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