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Introduction of the project partners from CZ, HR and BG


Meet projects partners from Czech Republic, Croatia and Bulagaria who started this project in September 2013:

You can read more about the project activities and look at the map here.






Primary Kosmonautů 15 school from Ostrava, Czech Republic, coordinating school

 Ekonomska škola Šibenik, Croatia
Vocational School/Economy, trade and business administration

School has tradition in economic sector.
Teachers (37) train 453 students (14-19) in vocations: economists, commercial specialists and administrative officers. The students are involved in competitions in different subjects: entrepreneurship, marketing, informatics, languages, history. The school has many extracurricular activities which involve our students that compete with excellent results on national level: 13 sport teams, journalism group, drama and music group, charity work, activities dedicated to preservation of environment. 


ekonomska-skola-ii-e.jpg class II.E