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Kick-off meeting in Bucurest - September 2013

ACES Kick-off conference in Bucurest, 30 September - 4 October 2013


Kick-off conference was a great oportunity to meet our partners eye to eye and discuss the project cooperation, outcome and plan the project exchange meetings. We spent five days in RIN hotel with more then 100 other students and 100 teachers from 44 awarded projects by ACES grant. During the conference we took part in many workshops and activities which were carefully planned to make the topic DIVERSITY clear to all participants. We learnt new ways how to deal with the overall topic and had also a lot of fun. Rumanian Ministry of education and sponsors from ERSTE group and Včeli dom foundation came to great us. To learn more about the conference, see the ebook below. And you can also read what our partner teacher Nada and student Ivan from Sibenik experienced during the journey to Bucurest.