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Lesson 1 - The old through the eyes of youth

23. 3. 2014


 Ostrava team decided to take part in competition called "The old through the eyes of the young". The tasks was to write essay, story, or a poem on this theme. This competition was opened to all Ostrava pupils. Our etwinning team from class 9.B organized this competition in our school and almost 250 pupils from 1st to 9th grade drew a picture. Some classes wrote essays. Our team drew pictures, wrote essays and a stories! Then we chose the best works and prepared a lesson for our diversity textbook. We used statements from the essays and also prepared a questionnaire.

4-the-best-picture-category-11-15-years-marton-9b.jpg 3-reading-best-essays-old-people-throuth-the-eyes-of-the-youth.jpg 5-the-best-picture-category-6-10-running-grandpa-skala-1b.jpg

Our team member Daniel Vavrusa was awarded in the Ostrava competition for his tale about animals who were trying to save an old tree. There were also 3 more awarded pupils from grade 6 and 5 for their stories about old people and 3 pupils (grade3 and 8) were awarded for their pictures on this theme.

you-complete-me-1-www.jpg questionnaire-www.jpg you-complete-me-2--www.jpg

We also got very nice pictures from the Bulgarian school and we are pleased that they enjoyed the lesson and had an interesting talk about the diversity problems connected with old and young people coexistence.