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Lesson 4 - Mind makes the world positive or negative

23. 3. 2014


Pupils from Ostrava prepared lesson for our diversity textbook. They talked about the influence of personal experience and also other aspects, such as prejudice,stereotypes or xenophobia. First they looked at a set of photographs from Great Britain. They had to decide which one is a positive picture and which is a negetive picture. And explain their decision. We always tried to find arguments for both points of view. Then we checked our answers with the author´s explanation. Sometimes we had the same arguments, other times we came with new ideas. We have broaden our understanding of the human´s behaviour and interactions and also learnt interesting things about British culture. Then we prepared a set of photos from the Czech Republic.

Implementation of the lesson with Croatian students:

We tried to teaach this lesson class 9.A and our guests from Šibenik economic school during the project meeting in Ostrava in January.

Also our partner school from Bulgaria tried this lesson:

Teacher Milena Lesova wrote: "We started the discussion that many times we see one thing in two different ways. I gave them assignment to find other pictures like that for homework. Then we went on the lesson as you have described it. The activity (3) was very interesting and kids shared a lot of situations which are both positive and negative from different points of view but it turned out to be difficult to decide which one to use for “live” picture. So we chose the following three situations:The bus is late, The school team loses the local championship, Snow paralyses the city and in groups pupils tried to think how different people would react to these situations and act it out."