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Lesson 7 - We are all ambassadors of our culture

23. 3. 2014


Pupils from grades 7-9 talked with our Comenius assistant about her country and culture. She has brought some typical Turkish things to show us. Elif also taught classes 7 and 8 a traditional Turkish wedding dance. Classes 9.B and 7 cooked Kisir and Turkish coffee with her and tried traditional Turkish dessert called Halva.

elif-presents-turkish-coffee-1.jpg we-made-kisir-with-turkish-assisstant-elif.jpg turkish-dessert-halva.jpg

Class 8 talked about travelling to other countries and friends or relatives who live there. They thought about the differences between different cultures. Next, they wrote essays or prepared presentations. Our assistant prepared a worksheet about differences between Czech and Turkish schools for grade 7. Finally, we prepared our lesson for the diversity book.