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Lesson 8 - Discovering traditional Sibenik symbols


Students from Sibenik prepared presentations of their traditional symbols. They showed us a former factory where the Sibenik cap was produced many years ago when we met in Sibenik. They explained us that this cap used to be a symbol of Croatian independance. That´s why the cap was so popular and well sold. This business made a lot of money and this connected Sibenik citizens all over the political spectrum. All of them participated on the manufacturing. Also the symbol of black spirals is very important as it was possible to make on the old machines. In this museum they also have other old caps. When we had the sghtseeing tour through Sibenik we saw the Sibenik spiral on various places.
cap-1.jpg cap-2.jpg cap-3.jpg

When SIbenik students visited Ostrava, they prepared a workshop on Sibenik cap where pupils made a model of it. Then pupils from class 7 watched presentation on Dalmatian dog and helped to make cubes for so called mobile. And pupils from class 9.A watched presentation on Sibenik cravata and then they learnt to tie it.