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Project meeting in Ostrava, Czech Republic

Project meeting in Ostrava


Primary school Kosmonautů 15 from the Czech Republic hosted students from economic school from Šibenik, Croatia. All pupils were accommodated in families. From 5 to 10 January 11 pupils from Šibenik learnt about diversity in workshops prepared by their friends from Ostrava. Šibenik students also prepared some interesting activities about traditional symbols of their town and country - the cap and a tie. From Monday to Thursday pupils from classes 7, 8, 9.A and 9.B were directly involved in the project work. Participants also worked on our project outcome - Diversity textbook "YOU COMPLETE ME".

PROGRAM OF ACES PARTNERS MEETING from 05/01/2014 to 10/01/2014, Project “You Complete Me’’ 
Czech Republic - ZŠ a MŠ Ostrava-Zábřeh, Kosmonautů 15 + Croatia - Economic school, Šibenik
Project work:
Implementation of the finished lessons for Diversity textbook:
Lesson "Mind make the world positive or negative" in class 9.A (24 pupils)
Lesson "Wedding rituals bring happiness to marriage" in class 8 (14 pupils)
Lesson "Fathers can be good mothers" with class 9.B (22 pupils)
            activities: Cook Semolina for diner + Feed the baby +Sale in Tesco + Bathing the baby
Workshops prepared by Šibenik school:
Croatian Cravat: presentation + teaching how to tie the cravat (class 9A, 24 pupils)
Dalmatian dog: presentation + work on cubes for the "mobile" decoration (class 7, 15 pupils)
Šibenik cap: presentation + making the cap (ACES team 14 pupils)
Cooperation on reconstruction of traditional Czech Dance Trampla
           teaching Croatian students the dance (10 pupils from grade 9) + learning the song (ACES team)
Evaluation of the project work and planning next activities + IT tools (ACES team)
Project meetings with teachers
Fun activities:
Sport activities: Relay games + Floorball +Volleyball match + Czech game "Wandering ball"
Trips and excursions: Trip to Prague
Ostrava sightseeing tour: centre + town hall watchtower + municipal museum
Interactive technical museum U6 in a former ironworks factory in Lower Vítkovice
Farewell party at school with Disco
Coordinating teacher Alena Buroňová wrote articles for Kosmonautů 15 school websites and etwinnning diary.